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Name Touchgrind BMX
Category Sports
Size 124.5MB
Popularity 7741
Publisher Illusion Labs
Score 6.0
Publish Date 14/06/2022
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Touchgrind BMX Unlocked All

Touchgrind BMX Game Introduction :

Touchgrind BMX MOD APK will help you realize your mountain bike racing dreams with countless difficult situations and infinitely complex terrain.

Introduce about Touchgrind BMX

Touchgrind BMX: Become a BMX pro and perform spectacular tricks in breathtaking locations all over the world

Everyone loves racing. But not everyone likes speed and crazy street stunts. Many people like to tinker, making it difficult for themselves with zigzag roads and more basic means, such as bicycles. For them, fast racing is not as attractive as skillful racing. Going through every nook and cranny and tricky terrain and overcoming difficulties with the bike is more exciting than racing with a car.

And if you love BMX, then definitely you should play Touchgrind BMX.

What isTouchgrind BMX?

Touchgrind BMX is a bike racing game on mobile. As the name suggests, your only task in the game is to ride a bike through the difficult terrain that the game offers In the game, you will learn the tricks, complete challenges, and unlock new locations and bikes.

Controlling a bike in Touchgrind BMX is not easy. The way you combine many operations at the same time to make super jumps and then land lightly, it also takes a long time to be able to understand and get used to it slowly. Then even when you are familiar with the above two series of operations, the environment in the game will change rapidly from scene to scene, leaving you with no time to immediately promote your proficiency.

Difficulty follows difficulty. Touchgrind BMX won’t stop for any off-road talent. No matter where you are in the bike riding level, you will always find a tough challenge to play in this game.

Cross the terrain skillfully, score many points, unlock and upgrade bikes

Through the game scenes, with the familiar operation, you will begin to master the terrain and accumulate quite a lot of bonus points. This is when the game will open up new, more difficult adventures. And to continue, you will need a good, durable, and strong bike. Players can choose to upgrade each part of the existing bike or buy a new bike for a great deal.

Upgrading focuses on the main parts that create strength and durability for the car such as the front end, handlebars, chassis, and wheels. You can also repaint the entire bike to your liking to give it a new look. If you buy it, it will cost more money, but in return, the experience with a new bike can be completely different from the old one. Note that the new bike is not necessarily as good as the old one that has been upgraded to new parts. Depending on the situation and the ability of money at each time to decide.

In addition to unlocking and upgrading bikes, when you play long enough and good enough, you can also unlock new terrains. In total, Touchgrind BMX brings up to 5 different locations. In each location, there are countless small terrains.

Excellent simulation

With simple structure, 3D design is not too picky, nor too colorful, but each screen in Touchgrind BMX is made very elaborately. A solid starting point, difficult but reasonable undulations, delicate and beautifully designed rivers, and streams… These have created an irresistible authenticity in Touchgrind BMX, in terms of context.

But that’s still nothing compared to the physics simulation in the game. The bike lifts when you have small bumps on the road, the wheels curl when you are twisted into the wrong ground, the feeling of wobbling at the beginning of the bumpy track… You’ll see and feel all of this, with just a few taps. Honestly, not many games can do this.

Graphics and sound

During the race, along with the constant challenge of the terrain, you will be constantly bouncing because of the energetic rhythmic music in the game. Touchgrind BMX is different in that it does not use mellow or predictable music, but is a combination of rock and rap. Jumping, jerking, fun, relaxed, full of energy, this feeling always makes you feel excited when playing. Speed ​​is not the core of bike racing, but the tinkering, sophistication in every move, along with this rather enthusiastic beat will make you have an unforgettable experience.

Touchgrind BMX Game screenshot :

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