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Name Absolute RC Plane Sim
Category Simulation
Size 52.0MB
Popularity 6798
Publisher Happy Bytes LLC
Score 6.0
Publish Date 14/06/2022
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Absolute RC Plane Sim Unlocked

Absolute RC Plane Sim Game Introduction :

Absolute RC Plane Sim MOD APK is a realistic flight simulator game in the form of aircraft models that are automatically controlled via Radio waves. You will have the opportunity to practice flying a toy plane and have the experience of exploring the sky like flying a real plane.

Introduce about Absolute RC Plane Sim

Learn to fly RC planes and helicopters without fear!

What is Absolute RC Plane Sim?

Absolute RC Plane Sim is a realistic flight simulator game. All planes and settings in the game are built with modern 3D graphics, with depth and sophistication that have rarely been seen.

The player’s task in Absolute RC Plane Sim is to control 2 levers for the aircraft to fly up, down, steer, and hover spectacularly in the sky without falling or crashing to the ground suddenly. The more level you pass, the longer the flight time with the plane, the game will open up more beautiful scenes, new locations open up more and more attractive.

Absolute RC Plane Sim has a reasonable automatic change of viewing angles, making the flying field of vision both expanded, convenient, and observed from many different angles. In addition to the fixed point camera representing the RC pilot point of view, this game also includes a follow-up camera of the model. This is a very convenient point for model players and also convenient for players of this game.

And did you notice in the name of the game there is the word RC? RC, short for Radio Control, is a term used to refer to remote control model devices that use radio waves. The most unique feature of Absolute RC Plane Sim is that it offers a fast, flexible, and very neat flying experience, without the cumbersome handling phases that other driving or flying simulation games often encounter. Fly a plane in Absolute RC Plane Sim in a very liberal fashion. It has the discipline of professional flight operations of a simulation game, both like an RC model control game.

What do you get from playing Absolute RC Plane Sim?

Basically, for me, this is a pure entertainment game. Absolute RC Plane Sim has all the qualities to bring fun and comfort to any player of any age. The feeling of being in control of a beautiful aircraft, attractive colors, freely flying in the air, watching the surrounding scenery, is very amazing.

For some other players, Absolute RC Plane Sim offers even more. For example, there is no need to buy expensive control planes, you can try all kinds of aircraft that you are curious about for a long time, you can enjoy many scenes without having to travel, you can practice using a drone. Or if you have not bought one and just want to simply practice controlling the aircraft model skillfully, fluently, with less damage.

In short, Absolute RC Plane Sim is a game for everyone, of all ages and can be played at any time.

Deep and comprehensive simulation

Absolute RC Plane Sim is not because of entertainment or combined with the form of remote control aircraft model that loses its inherent substance. The entire process of simulating aircraft driving is shown fully and meticulously from the beginning of the game. You will be going through the steps of controlling the machinery to help the aircraft operate. And once you are in the air, you can continue to perform detailed operations to operate the aircraft in the right direction, maintain balance, and land in the right place.

Currently, Absolute RC Plane Sim has 4 types of free aircraft models for players. In addition to the paid version, there are many other control model vehicles such as ships, military aircraft, drones, helicopters … Simple operation is just sliding your finger on any position any part of the screen, the controls are compactly designed in reasonable positions for quick presses.

Absolute RC Plane Sim Game screenshot :

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