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Name Laser Lizard (Mod Menu)
Category Role Playing
Size 40.8MB
Popularity 3939
Publisher Spaghetti Lab
Score 6.0
Publish Date 21/03/2022
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Mod Info:

Laser Lizard (Mod Menu) Mod Menu:
1、no harm
2、move faster
3、Get into a frenzy faster
4、can jump higher
5、Tanks won\’t attack
6、Game speed up

Laser Lizard (Mod Menu) Game Introduction :

You feel an uncontrollable desire surging inside of you and ask your therapist for advice, but the answer is quite simple:

You need to DESTROY!

You are Laser Lizard, spread panic though the streets, smash buildings and burn everything you see. Not even the army can stop you.



Destroy. Trample, smash or burn with the laser, you decide how to bring destruction. Raise the rampage bar as much as you can.
Shin mode. When the rampage bar reaches its maximum, you enter shin mode. You will become dangerously powerful for a while.
Hard mode. Found the first run easy? Try to play again, enemies will get more formidable.
Destruction everywhere. Gamepad or touchscreen? Choose your own way to destroy everything.



Gamepad (Xbox/PS):

X/Square: Smash attack
Y/Triangle: Ground smash attack
A/Cross (hold): Jump and stomp
B/Circle (hold): Laser! Up and Down (D-pad) to set the angle
Left and Right (D-pad): Move and trample

The touchscreen virtual gamepad follows the same layout of buttons.



spaghetti: Design, vfx
MattLovelace: Dev
francescodipietro82: Concept, pixel art, art direction
Khlavem Productions: OST, sfx
Robin: Sfx, additional audio design


Originally created for CineGameJam 2021

Laser Lizard (Mod Menu) Game screenshot :

Laser Lizard(Mod Menu) Game screenshot  1

Laser Lizard(Mod Menu) Game screenshot  2

Laser Lizard(Mod Menu) Game screenshot  3

Laser Lizard(Mod Menu) Game screenshot  4

Laser Lizard(Mod Menu) Game screenshot  5

Laser Lizard (Mod Menu) (40.8MB)

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