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Publish Date 05/05/2022
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For fans of intelligence and thinking games, we present to you today the most powerful game of intelligence and thinking ?BRAIN WHEEL ?
Test your intelligence and memory in one of the strongest games of intelligence, thinking and puzzles,
BRAIN WHEEL contains many wonderful games such as the game find the password and the game find the secret number and the game find words and the game of words and pictures in addition to the game of arithmetic equations and logic and also A memory challenge game that will strengthen your memory by playing it.

? BRAIN WHEEL is a set of intelligence games and puzzles that develop the mind if it is played on a daily basis. It contains a lot of intelligence and thinking games, puzzle games and memory games that will raise the thinking ability and intelligence of those who play it on a daily basis and will increase the mind’s ability to think and stimulate intelligence. The game consists of a wheel of fortune or a roulette wheel that you have to rotate to get one of the six existing games and then start solving puzzles.

Brain wheel improve your mental function, Train your mind and your memory

? BRAIN WHEEL includes the following games:

⭐ 1- Find the words: in this game you have to search for words from the table of scattered letters using the pattern in the puzzle

⭐ 2- Words and pictures game: You have to search for the meanings of the picture that appears in front of you through the table of scattered letters

⭐ 3- Secret code game: This game is one of the most powerful intelligence games where you have to know the secret code consisting of three numbers according to the data in the puzzle

⭐ 4- Scattered letters game: This game helps stimulate intelligence and thinking by installing a scattered word and you have to rearrange the letters in order to get the correct word

⭐ 5- The password game: The password game is one of the most important games in this application where you have to find the password consisting of 3 letters through a set of data in each puzzle

⭐ 6- Mental arithmetic game: This game will help your mind to find quick solutions and depend on thinking to solve arithmetic problems and equations

⭐ 7- Memory Challenge Game: You have to memorize the names and put them back in the right place. This game helps strengthen your memory in memorizing and exercises the brain on quick memorization

⭐ 8- Six-by-six game: a vision examination game or a number-finding game. This game will help you strengthen your eyesight and train the eye to see difficult things easily

⭐ 9- Find the Difference Game: The famous Find the Difference game is now available in the Wheel of Knowledge game. Among the games, you have to search for the different picture among the pictures.

⭐ 10- Word Connect game: a fun game that strengthens the mind and develops the ability to think by installing letters to extract words from them

⭐ 11 – Adding the new 5 Words game 5 Words: The 5 word game you have to search for the five words and use your intelligence to find the appropriate solution through the question in the puzzle

? Download the Brain Wheel app and do mental workout to help keep your brain sharp


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