Download Merge Anything MOD APK v3.0.0 [Ad-free and rewarded] for Android

Name Merge Anything
Category Casual
Size 331.0MB
Popularity 4004
Publisher 海狗工作室
Score 6.0
Publish Date 13/06/2022
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Mod Info:

Merge Anything Ad-free and rewarded

Merge Anything Game Introduction :

? ? Show them the real you What makes a person a real fighting champion? Innate talent and strong physique? Focus and countless hours in the gym? In this wild and crazy casual fighting game, the answer is all no. Here you can stuff anything (including the kitchen sink) into a smelting pot, use animals and minerals as materials, fuse formidable and lovable alien fighters, and send them to the boxing ring, as well as others Battle terrifying cartoon monsters to see which seemingly impossible combination of elements can beat the pack. Do you know what a true champion recipe looks like? Maybe a little more coke, or maybe a few more shark fins? In this fun, terrifying, action-packed fighting game, only time and hard work will tell you the answer. ? Integrate everything together: from ferocious bloodthirsty beasts to ubiquitous household items, from computer accessories to carbonated drinks, from garden implements to abyss creatures… There are endless raw materials for you to match and fuse freely, and Your only goal is to create a formidable fighter from these unpredictable and wonderful materials. With the handle of the toaster and the neck of the giraffe, how hard can a fight be? There is only one way for you to get the answer, and that is to fuse them together in the laboratory and let them kill in the dark on the battlefield! ? Build a chilling army: Continue to build a group of alien fighters, and choose the most suitable players to play according to the characteristics of each game, so as to advance the game progress. Whether you\’re facing one-on-one duels or lawless team brawls, you\’ll need to upgrade your existing army, or fuse all kinds of unimaginable materials into new fighters and send them to the fire Go live in an exciting action movie until you assemble the ultimate alien army that won\’t last forever. Balance your team and upgrade each of its characters to ensure that you can conquer your opponents with ease when facing the toughest challenges. ? TERRIBLE AND CUTE: Although your fighters are made of unrelated junk materials, they\’re still the cutest aliens yet, thanks to the fun and style of Fusion Wars Sensitive cartoon picture, so that each hero has a unique and cute appearance. In addition, this game is also equipped with dynamic and powerful background music, so that the fighters can\’t help but dance to the rhythm in the boxing ring, so that you can enjoy the gorgeous and cool action scenes at any time. ♻️ A new way of recycling If you are looking for such an intense and fast-paced fighting game, it is not only unique and refreshing, but also brings you endless fun and passion, frequently breaking the limits of your imagination, and at the same time letting you You think it\’s super cute, then Fusion Wars is the game you\’ve been waiting for. Download Fusion Wars now and unleash your hidden mad scientist personality, throw everything around you into the pot, and head to the battlefield without looking back for hours of frantic action scenes and adventures time.

Merge Anything Game screenshot :

Merge Anything (331.0MB)

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