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Name Solitaire Super Pack
Category Card
Size 27.8MB
Popularity 5644
Publisher Tesseract Mobile
Score 6.0
Publish Date 25/06/2022
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Mod Info:

Solitaire Super Pack

Solitaire Super Pack Game Introduction :

Relax and enjoy all your favorite solitaire games and the finest features all in one great app! Our stunning new animations will delight and entertain as you play. Gorgeous backgrounds and custom card backs let you create the perfect ambiance to savor your well-deserved break in the day. Download now and play 270+ games for FREE!

The Solitaire Super Pack has an extensive selection of free classic card games on Android. The most frequently played version is called Klondike, though you may know it as Patience or Windows Solitaire. Have you played Klondike with 2 decks? Now you can! Single deck, double deck, draw 1 or draw 3, Vegas scoring, plus many more variations – find them all under the “Klondike” category!

We also have all the commonly played solitaire games like FreeCell, Golf, Spider, Three Towers, Canfield, TriPeaks, Clock and Pyramid. Plus, you can discover rare and unusual games like Poker Square, Bowling, King\’s Corner, Three Shuffles and a Draw, Picture Gallery, Accordion, and many more. These are the favorites our customers requested because they can\’t be found anywhere else!


♣ Over 120 great solitaire games

♥ Intuitive Auto Play and One-Tap make game play smooth and easy

♠ Layout optimized for all mobile devices so the cards you use most are easy to reach

♥ Celebrate your wins with our unique Game Stats and engaging charts

♣ Cool Stats like Fewest Winning Moves and Longest Win Streak

♦ Interactive fireworks when you win

♣ Animated in-game Instructions & Hints

♠ Expandable piles

♥ VERY Customizable

Popular Games:

♥ Accordion

♣ Aces Up

♦ Algerian

♠ Alhambra

♥ Alternations

♣ Baroness

♦ Beleaguered Castle

♠ Bowling

♥ Box Kite

♣ Bristol

♦ Calculation

♠ Canfield – Demon

♥ Casino Klondike 1

♣ Casket

♦ Chinese

♠ Clock

♥ Colorado

♣ Corona

♦ Cruel

♠ Diplomat

♥ Double Canfield

♣ Double Klondike

♦ Easthaven Easy

♠ Eight Off

♥ Eliminator

♣ Flower Garden

♠ Free Cell

♥ Gaps

♣ Golf

♦ Hole In One – Easy Golf

♠ Josephine

♥ Kings Corner

♣ Klondike (Classic Draw-3)

♦ Klondike One (Draw-1, 1 pass through the deck)

♠ Klondike 1 Unlimited (Draw-1, unlimited passes)

♥ La Belle Lucie

♣ Miss Milligan

♦ Montana – Addiction

♠ Monte Carlo

♥ Osmosis – Treasure Trove

♣ Peek

♦ Penguin Easy

♠ Picture Gallery

♥ Poker Square

♣ Pyramid

♦ Russian

♠ Scorpion

♥ Seahaven Towers

♣ Shamrocks

♦ Spider (4 Suits)

♠ Spider 1 Suit

♥ Spider 2 Suits

♣ Spiderette

♦ Sultan

♠ Tabby Cat

♥ Take 2

♣ Terrace – Queen of Italy

♦ Three Towers

♠ Trefoil

♥ Tri Peaks

♣ Vanishing Cross – Four Seasons

♦ Wasp

♠ Whitehead

♥ Windmill

♣ Yukon

♥ + Many more!

Solitaire Super Pack Game screenshot :

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