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Name Underground Castle 3: Poem of Soul
Category Adventure
Size 544.0MB
Popularity 4624
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 24/08/2021
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Mod Info:

Underground Castle 3: Poem of Soul The text dungeon adventure RPG game \”Underground Castle 3: Poem of Soul\” has started a limited non-deleted charging test at 10 am on August 24. Welcome to download and experience!
Test end time: To be determined

Underground Castle 3: Poem of Soul Game Introduction :

\”Dungeon Castle 3: The Poem of Soul\” is a dark magical text dungeon adventure RPG game. It is an orthodox sequel created by the original team of the classic game \”Dungeon Castle 2: Dark Awakening\”.

When the sanctuary\’s city masters are still fighting bloody battles on another plane, a brand-new legend of the soul-calling master has been unfolded in the future. This time, you will become a spiritual warlock and play with the awakened undead squad. Explore the treacherous continent of Aloah and open a new chapter of magical adventure.

Bunker 2 was built by the original crew, a new story of the soulman\’s adventure
Suddenly a red moon vision appeared in the calm Aloah continent. The undercurrent of the three-point power is raging, but no one is aware of the imminent catastrophe. The soul eater in the dark night hunts down the wild soul, injects magic crystals, and dedicates it to the mysterious master. A large number of dead souls are unwilling to give in, they feel the soul caller who was exiled at the end of the world because of touching the soul forbidden technique.
This is a brand new adventure story in the underground castle. And this new continent is waiting for the soulmaker, your salvation…

Four professional reborns, listen to your call for awakening
Pioneer, stranger, support, and guard four major occupations, a richer pool of character heroes, and more awakening advanced directions. They are all perishable desolate souls, stylized warriors, and each of them has an exclusive background and talent skills.
Wake them up! To lift the power of the curse, they will be your help to move forward!

Explore the unknown, stay sane or crazy
Whether it is a dream or reality, it is difficult for anyone to distinguish between reality and reality. You can\’t see the secret cave at the end, an unknown adventure surrounded by shadows. Uncountable how many spiritists are lost here. Moving forward wisely may lead you to find light, but crazy random selection may be the right direction. Are you ready this time?

Seeing may not be believing, exploring the truth behind the darkness
The vast Aloah continent, abundant copies of the main line, hundreds of maze strongholds, all just to find the source of darkness.
Evil creatures, treacherous traps, mysterious passers-by, unexpected situations often follow one after another during the adventurous journey. We gather clues and piece together the truth, but is it really as we see it? The closer you get to the truth, the more despair you may be.

Set up a six-member expedition team, strategically break through to death and live
The darkness never dissipated. But don\’t forget, soul-caller. You are the only variable.
Six-member expedition team, flexible and mixed. The wizard team, the axe gang, your imagination is the only limit. Reasonably use each hero\’s battle cry skills to help you tactically break through and win a thousand miles. This is the fun of the bunker~<

Underground Castle 3: Poem of Soul Game screenshot :

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