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Name Sherlock Mysteries
Category Adventure
Size 85.7MB
Popularity 4264
Publisher Ilya Platonov
Score 6.0
Publish Date 05/06/2022
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Sherlock Mysteries

Sherlock Mysteries Game Introduction :

“Welcome to London, detective.”

Sherlock Mysteries is a book-style murder investigation game where you play as a detective in Victorian London. Visit places, interview characters in the era of Sherlock Holmes and unlock new clues and chapters as you unravel the mysteries and solve the case!

Put your detective skills to the test as you read through case chapters and unlock the secrets behind each case. You will be provided with tools to aid any detective worthy of the title.

Game Features:
-All-Original Story and Cases: Sherlock Holmes fans will have something to enjoy and think about in this game!
-Voice-Acted Lines: Listen to the story even while on an errand or a commute. Listening to it also helps backtrack on details you think you might have missed.
-Detective tools: Maps, Clues, Directory, and Notes.
-Beautifully hand-drawn graphics.
-You are in control: Explore the city, read the newspaper, question witnesses, and more. Do these in any order, in any frequency to aid in your investigation!
-Multiple original cases to satisfy the most inquisitive mind.
-Play Offline: you can play this game without an internet connection (just complete the case download when you start a new case!).

Sherlock Mysteries takes the best features of different games in the murder mystery genre and puts it all together in one, unique package. Read or listen to the chapters and play the events as you can imagine it. Look through the details and see beyond the facade, the secrets, and motivations of people. Interview characters, visit places, and break through the veil of mystery as you deduce through your detective\’s intuition and solve the case!

Make use of the tools at your disposal in your investigation:
-Maps: View the city of London and see important locations to give you context to what is happening in your cases.
-Clues: Every clue unlocked is stored in your clue bank. View, examine, and study your clues to uncover secrets!
-The Directory: The directory contains every unlocked location and discovered character or witness in the case. Search, look up, and investigate straight from the Directory.
-The Newspaper: Read up on the events and opinions that matter in London. These give you context and background information which may help you solve the case.
-Notes: Your very own notebook to organize your thoughts and ideas. Keep a record of what you think, your theories, and snippets of information.

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