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Name Parasitic mod for Minecraft PE
Category Entertainment
Size 12.7MB
Popularity 4881
Publisher minecraft_mod
Score 6.0
Publish Date 19/05/2022
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Mod Info:

Parasitic mod for Minecraft PE

Parasitic mod for Minecraft PE Game Introduction :

Parasitic mod for Minecraft PE will infect everything in its path. Mutants, monsters and mobs – all these NPC will be carriers of the infection, in the addon supplement Parasitic mod for Minecraft PE. Absolutely every Monster, mutant or mob, will not be safe from this virus, because the creatures do not spare anyone in survive mode.

What would you do if your world were to be invaded by a deadly parasite that already infected a majority of your planets species? No need to worry, although you are the only human left on the earth, these newly infected mobs aren\’t invincible! For if you have the strength and will power, along with the various weapons scattered around the world, you can take back your once beautiful and poppulated home with parasite mod for minecraft!

Your number one task will be to defeat the parasitic mod minecraft. The danger of infection is great, so avoid clashes with unfamiliar monsters, because if you injure you, you also transform into a mutant whose bloodlust leads, as if you will become a vampire hunting villagers and players. This is a very creepy parasite mod in minecraft because the creatures have the skin of bloody monsters, some look like ink men, others take the form of animals only with a bunch of tentacles like a venom.

FEATURES of Parasitic mod for Minecraft PE:
? Clean UI
? 1-Click installer
? Full Addon details

But if such names as a dirty parasite, an unknown creature, a green mutant, a frightening monster or just a mob scare you, then robots will be sent to your aid that will fight these unknown creatures in Parasitic mod for Minecraft PE.

If you want to harm a settlement or a city, launch infected creatures and everything will be done for you, an infection, like in a zombie apocalypse, infects anyone. Each creature is of a different size, strength, and type. There are giants and vice versa the size of a worm. The texture and skin of anyone will make the game even more realistic. Only robots and modern rocket launching gadgets will help you cope with the new threat. New crafted weapons will allow you to destroy entire crowds, but you must do a lot of feats to get them. Invite your friends to parasitic creatures mod for minecraft and protect the biomes of your favorite game.


This Parasitic mod for Minecraft PE app is NOT AN OFFICIAL MINECRAFT PRODUCT. NOT APPROVED OR ASSOCIATED WITH MOJANG AB. Mojang AB is not responsible for this product or its purchase. The Minecraft name, Minecraft brand, and Minecraft assets are all property of Mojang AB.

All files available for download in this app are provided under a free distribution license. WE do not claim copyright or intellectual property on any of the assets in the game.

Parasitic mod for Minecraft PE Game screenshot :

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