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Publish Date 22/05/2022
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US Citizenship Test 2022

US Citizenship Test 2022 Game Introduction :

If you are preparing for interview for Naturalization, then this app will fulfill all your needs. We have got your covered. In this app you will have all the information you need to master your civic and English portion of the interview.
We have tried our best to make the app more useful, more helpful with fun to help everyone prepare for US Citizenship test. You can enjoy most wanted features such as flash cards, multiple choice or interview simulation in the app.
Some of the key features are listed below:

Key features:
◉ Multiple Choice Questions: user can choose how many questions per iteration they want to face with provided four options.
◉ Flash Cards, user can choose the number of questions they want as flash cards in each iteration.
◉ All Questions: All the questions user should be prepared for, will be presented. User will have option to choose whether the questions to be presented sequentially or randomly.
◉ Senators, Representatives and Governor information: After providing their address, user will be able to see their senators, representatives and governors with photo and contact information automatically.
◉ Personalized questions: User after providing the address once, will be able to see questions reliable for them such as \”What is the capital of your state?\” or \”Who is your senator?\”
◉ Practice Interview and Review: User can take as many practice interviews as they want. As in real interview, candidate will face 10 randomly selected questions from 100 total questions. User must answer 6 of them correctly to pass. The app will provide the simulation of the interview and the result with the option to review interview questions.
◉ Vocabularies: Not it is even easier to learn the basic vocabularies that are listed by USCIS for naturalization interview.
◉ Provide Feedback: User can provide feedback to us at any time regarding any suggestion, feature request or any bug or error information.
◉ Enjoy all these features in night mode as well.
◉ And many more!!!

Please install the app and start learning.
If you see anything that can be improved, or any error, or any feature you want to have…. anything…. you can give us feedback directly from the app or you can always write your honest review. We love to hear from you and make improvement.

We wish you a good result on the test. Thank you for reading so far.
We hope you will enjoy the app. 🙂

US Citizenship Test 2022 Game screenshot :

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